Monthly Archives: December 2009

Season of Change

I like changing seasons. I just realized that today. I wouldn’t last long in a place like Los Angles. With it’s perfect temperatures year round. Without seasons how am I supposed to say things during Winter like “this Spring I am going to ride my bike every morning and lose 10 pounds”. And if it […]

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Border Patrol

Tomorrow we are headed to Namibia by economy car. My roommate, we will call him Nick Lachey for security reasons, has only a few days left on his visa. The plan is to cross the border for a few days and upon return Lachey will get a new visa with three new months. At least […]

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Spicy Beef

Dinner and a movie and then more dinner in Capetown. Tonight felt a little like college. Luke and I went to order Chinese food down the street and decided it would be best to order three entrees and split them. Well they got the order wrong and made us four entrees. Left overs really don’t […]

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